What skiing teaches us about life

Just back from a skiing holiday in France and was philosophising about what lessons I have learnt from skiing, particularly skiing with children. 

Skiing (of sorts)

This was my first actual charter skiing holiday and my first time being cooped up with my children in a tiny apartment.  Yet we survived, even had fun and this is what skiing has brought back home to me.

1) It’s often better in retrospect than while you are actually doing it (especially on an icy day with wind, flakes and fog obscuring your view of the piste).

2) You feel like a hero once you have done it. No, I don’t mean the skiing, but the delayed flights, coach transfers, traffic jams, bundling children in and out of clothes, handling tears and tantrums and so on.

3) Children have a love/hate relationship with snow and slippery surfaces.

4) You stop caring about appearances and just want to keep safe and warm.

5) You can eat as much as you like because you feel you are getting more exercise than ever before in your life.

6) No. 5 is actually not quite true and you can put on weight on a skiing holiday.

7) You miss all the skiing events at the Olympics, because you feel like you are in the Olympics (and you are so cut off from the real world, anyway, you might as well be snowed up).

8) Then you get one beautiful day with perfect snow conditions and it’s just you swooshing down the piste in serene silence… and there you have it, complete and utter bliss and the meaning of life all in one.


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