Of Course, the Election!

What else can anyone in Britain talk about today?  Like everyone else, I find it hard to focus on my work and tear myself away from the TV.  Although the process is maddeningly slow and has all the charisma of a car crash in slow motion. 

Three personal observations that struck me this morning:

1) Trying to explain the British electoral system to my friends and family from abroad makes me realise just how complicated and frustrating it is.

2) Unlike some of my acquaintances who live in the UK but have not got British citizenship, I cannot watch this dispassionately, like in a horse race upon which I have placed no bets.

3) If a coalition is formed, the parties involved will have to learn a LOT about cross-cultural communication.  Despite the deliberate vagueness and therefore similarity of their policies, it seems to me that the cultures of each political party are very different.  Will they be able to find a common language beyond the hunger for power and self-interest?


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