Re-entering the Routine

Travelling through time and space

The French call it ‘la rentree’  and it certainly does feel like re-entering Earth’s atmosphere after a period circling in orbit or even in outer space (depending on where you spent your holidays).  I think even the heat shields are struggling to cope and can swear I can smell some burning flesh or brain!

Settling down to the September routine and the start of the new schoolyear has always been a struggle for me and my family.  Some years it has been almost enjoyable and long-anticipated (usually when I had a very boring holiday in the countryside with no other children around).  This year it has been particularly difficult, with some family health scares and  both children now in school (and getting used to homework again… or for the first time, in the case of the younger one).

However, I always find I need a few days to readjust to my home when I have been abroad.  Especially when I have been abroad to my other home, my childhood home in my country of origin.  It’s like getting into the Tardis and making a jump through time and space – from my teenage years and friends, to my grown-up business and mother persona, as well as from mountain roads to the M25.  A three-hour flight is never long enough to prepare you for a completely different world. 

From the 39 degrees heat and dust of Bucharest, I then walked out on the wet, chilly tarmac at Luton Airport.  My heart sank and lifted at the same time.  Home… and yet … 

As well as the curse and blessing of the daily routine…  I wonder if the good Doctor could cope with the daily school run and checking of emails?


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