Here comes the Spring…

… or not, if you are based in the southern hemisphere!  But for us up north, it is the joyous official first day of Spring and this is celebrated  in different countries, in spite of snow and gloomy weather.  Happy St. David’s Day for the Welsh!  Happy Martisor in Romania and Moldova, or Martenitza in Bulgaria!  Other countries may need to wait a little until the Spring Equinox to officially recognise the arrival of Spring…

A few examples of Martisor decorations

Check out some more lovely pictures of Martisoare on this website:

In Romania we also have a tradition called ‘Babele’ or the ‘Old Ladies’.  You pick a day from the 1st to the 9th of March.  Then, the weather on your chosen day is supposed to predict what your whole year will be like: stormy, sunny, depressing…  Well, I am certainly not picking today (cold, grey, miserable)!  No, the truth is I’ve always had the same Baba ever since I was a child.  And no, I’m not telling! 

Besides, if the weather is ghastly that day, I can always console myself with that politically incorrect old Romanian saying: ‘Whoever heard of a beautiful Baba and a good child?’


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