Relocation Blues

It's time to pack up again...

You may have noticed (I am flattering myself that someone is waiting for my blog posts with bated breath) that I haven’t been writing much lately.  That’s because we have been experiencing the highs and lows of relocation decisions, anxieties and excitement.  Ah, yes, I do not just coach others about moving abroad, I also happily take my own advice and medicine!

From summer onwards we will be moving as a family from the UK to Geneva, Switzerland, living on the French side of the border.  We expect to stay there three years, but life has a habit of surprising us, so we are prepared for anything.

I am calling this the ‘relocation blues’ (although perhaps it should be ‘blues and pinks’, because there is a lot to celebrate and enjoy, as well as much to mourn and worry about).  Over the next few weeks, I would like to write a mini-series charting our own personal relocation journey, as well as providing other examples and ideas or tips which might be useful to others about to embark on a similar experience.

I was thinking of the following topics:

1. To Be or to Be Elsewhere:  The Decision

2. Persuading Your Followers

3. The Househunt

4.  Education Systems

5. Portable Careers

6. Drowning in Admin

Are there any other topics that would be of interest to you?  What would be most useful or most fun to find out about?  It doesn’t have to be specific to Switzerland or France, since so many of the challenges of moving with a family are similar, regardless of continent.



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2 responses to “Relocation Blues

  1. Welcome to the Relo Club 2011 Sanda !

    We are moving too this July for the USA, in New Jersey, an hybrid experience mixing our 3 years in NYC and 3 years in Atlanta.

    We have already been through steps 1 to 4 ( you can see some thoughts about finding a public school and a house in the USA: . This time we are not relocating for a company, we have decided to move back in the USA to be able to stay longer than three years for providing some stability to everybody as it is move #12 ! So we just finished to buy a house instead of renting to make sure we can stay where we want. Getting the mortgage there was horrible and setting utilities a mission impossible from abroad. My husband working there had to do all the paperwork, a full time job on top of his official job!!! On the positive side I have already met few people living there, initiated some business related connections through Meetups and Linkedin and “met” virtually some expat families and local people for future friendship.

    Now the worst is in front of me: all the paperwork for the move, eliminating junk stuff as much as possible (a wishful thinking) and packing with the movers by myself.

    Good luck to you !
    (My sister is living in France near Geneva so you can contact me if you need some information from “locals”)

    • sandaion6

      Wow, so you’re moving to the States again! Good luck with everything. I know it won’t be easy, but if you can’t make a success of it, who can, right?

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