Happy Days!

Happy Days!

Born in Romania, spent my childhood in Austria, went to an English school, went back to Romania as a teenager to bear the full brunt of the end of the Communist era, studied Japanese, took part in the so-called 1989 revolution, went to the UK to study social anthropology, met my Greek man (now husband), did my fieldwork in Germany…  Yes, I’m getting confused myself and I am not even halfway-through yet!  Whether I like it or not, I have become a true global citizen and most of the time I LOVE it!

Partly because of the international moves and political circumstances, I have also had to reinvent myself along the way, making major career changes and in many cases starting from scratch and working my way back up again.  Hard work, but also fun, and I believe it keeps me young.  So I have been a teacher, a researcher, a university lecturer, a secretary, a newspaper subeditor, a private tutor, translator/interpreter, stringer for a TV station, HR consultant, leadership development specialist, coach, facilitator, trainer and now entrepreneur.

Most of all, I am proud of having so many wonderful friends in so many different countries (although I don’t keep in touch with them nearly as much as I should).


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  1. Very interesting blog, great content. Well done!

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