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Time to Say Goodbye

I am not abandoning blogging, but I am leaving WordPress and this particular blog address.  It’s been a good friend, but it was time to move on.  I took the impending move abroad as an opportunity to rethink my business and website, and have decided to integrate my blog with my website, and also launch a monthly newsletter very soon.

So you will find most of my blog posts from 2011 and my upcoming ones at the following address:


Most exciting of all, you can email, print or pdf any of the posts, as well as share them on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms!  Yep!  Finally, I’ve entered the Web 2.0 or 3.0 or whichever generation we are now!

Thank you all for reading my blog here and thank you for taking the time to comment.  I hope to continue to share information and ideas and fun with you all!


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Blog to Survive

To begin with a sentence that has become notorious over the past few weeks, I met a man yesterday who…  is an expert blogger and Internet psychologist.  His name is Graham Jones and he said that businesses that do not blog will most likely not survive over the next few years.

So there I sat smugly, sipping elegantly from my glass of wine, thinking, ‘Well, I’ll be all right then… ‘, until he quoted a very recent survey showing that you really need to blog daily to attract customers.  Daily!  And I thought I was doing quite well with the ‘once a week when I get round to it and feel I have something important to share, otherwise it’s whenever an idea crops up’!

I won’t steal Graham’s thunder by reproducing his very funny and useful speech about how to find ideas and blog more successfully.  You can find some of those ideas on his website at www.grahamjones.co.uk (and no, I am not an affiliate, I just like talking about people who impress me). 

But I was also wondering if anyone really wanted to hear from me every day, no matter how passionate they are about intercultural issues?  I mean, I have Seth Godin pop up on iGoogle for me every day (or even several times a day, so accomodating an acrobat is he!), but I have to admit I don’t read every entry.

On the other hand, perhaps I should focus on writing shorter, snappier blogs more frequently, rather than infrequent, really long ones that few people can be bothered to read to the end.  I may feel that I am sacrificing quality for quantity, but perhaps it’s not really quality that I am currently providing.  Just rare waffle.

What do you think?

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