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One of those rants

I’m having one of those Fridays when I feel all is not well with the world and I need to rant and let off steam a little.  Maybe I’ve been too involved in current affairs this week, have read or listened to the news too much.

Maybe because we had a school governors’ meeting this morning – lovely school, lovely board of governors – but the issues all schools are facing with financial cutbacks and still having to meet targets…  well, enough to make anyone depressed!

Maybe the news (which isn’t really either news or surprising) that the gap between rich and poor in the UK has widened since Labour came to power and social mobility has been reduced.  This is not a political statement, as I’m sure a Conservative government would probably have done more of the same.

Maybe it’s the fact that we have (barely) scraped out of recession so it will soon be back to ‘business as usual’ and I am not sure that we have learnt from past mistakes.   Any efforts to find a solid third way between socialism and capitalism?  No?  Didn’t think so!

Maybe it’s the hypocrisy of the attitude towards bankers: first the statement that we dare not take any drastic measures if the US does not join in, otherwise they will all move abroad… and then when the US does take the initiative, our bluff has been called… and we stand there looking rather silly…

Or maybe the well-intentioned advice that women should have children earlier because their fertility drops so dramatically after the age of 30 – when there is so little societal understanding and support to enable them to pursue their careers once they have had children.

Anyway, rant over, sun’s out, time to forget about the outside world and wrap myself up in my little family cocoon.  Or do you think that’s the trouble with the world today – all retreating to their cocoons?


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